The Kozienitzer & Glowaczower Assoc., Inc. was founded in 1967 in The Bronx, New York by a group of survivors from Kozienice, Glowaczov, and the surrounding areas in Poland.  The Society established a cemetery (click for original map) in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and erected a monument there in memory of their loved ones who perished in the Holocaust.

David Rosen, Samuel Goldstein, Samuel Reisman, Israel Korman and Victor Silver, circa 1967

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In 1969, the Society published an extensive Yizkor book inYiddish, Safer Kozienice, later translated into English and published in 1985 as The Memorial Book of Kozienice.  The Yiddish book is out of print, but the English book may be purchased in a xeroxed edition (contact the email address below).

The Book of Kozienice


The Society continues to be active, holding a memorial gathering (Hazkorah) at the cemetery each fall, making charitable contributions, and videotaping the remembrances of some of the last remaining survivors from the Kozienice and Glowaczov area.  An executive board, comprised of second generation members, administers the Society's functions and can be reached via the email address below.



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